Other Options

Options which don't fit elsewhere.


$ typedoc --watch

Use TypeScript's incremental compiler to watch source files for changes and build the docs on change. May be combined with --emit.

Note: This mode will only detect changes to files watched by the TypeScript compiler. Changes to other files (README.md, imported files with --includes) will not cause a rebuild.


$ typedoc --watch --preserveWatchOutput

By default, --watch clears the screen between compilation steps. If --preserveWatchOutput is specified, this behavior is disabled.


$ typedoc --help

Print all available options, along with a short description. Also prints a list of supported highlighting languages.


$ typedoc --version

Prints TypeDoc's version.


$ typedoc --showConfig

Print TypeDoc's config and exit. Useful for debugging what options have been set.


$ typedoc --logLevel Verbose

Specifies the log level to be printed to the console. Defaults to Info. The available levels are:

  • Verbose - Print all log messages, may include debugging information intended for TypeDoc developers
  • Info - Print informational log messages along with warning and error messages
  • Warn - Print warning and error messages
  • Error - Print only error messages
  • None - Print no messages.


$ typedoc --skipErrorChecking

Instructs TypeDoc to not run the type checker before converting a project. Enabling this option may improve generation time, but could also result in crashes if your code contains type errors.