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Exposes information about a source file.

One may access a list of all source files through the ProjectReflection.files property or as a tree structure through the ProjectReflection.directory property.

Furthermore each reflection carries references to the related SourceFile with their DeclarationReflection.sources property. It is an array of of SourceReference instances containing the reference in their SourceReference.file field.


  • SourceFile




fileName: string

A trimmed version of the file name. Contains only the path relative to the determined base path.

fullFileName: string

The original full system file name.

groups?: ReflectionGroup[]

A grouped list of the reflections declared in this file.

name: string

The base name of the file.

The representation of the parent directory of this source file.

reflections: DeclarationReflection[] = []

A list of all reflections that are declared in this file.

repositoryType?: RepositoryType

The type of repository where this file is hosted.

url?: string

A URL pointing to a page displaying the contents of this file.

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