Class ArgumentsReader

Obtains option values from command-line arguments


  • ArgumentsReader







name: "arguments" = "arguments"

The name of this reader so that it may be removed by plugins without the plugin accessing the instance performing the read. Multiple readers may have the same name.

order: number

Readers will be processed according to their orders. A higher order indicates that the reader should be called later.

Note that to preserve expected behavior, the argv reader must have both the lowest order so that it may set the location of config files used by other readers and the highest order so that it can override settings from lower order readers.

supportsPackages: false = false

Flag to indicate that this reader should be included in sub-options objects created to read options for packages mode.


  • Read options from the reader's source and place them in the options parameter. Options without a declared name may be treated as if they were declared with type Mixed. Options which have been declared must be converted to the correct type. As an alternative to doing this conversion in the reader, the reader may use setValue, which will correctly convert values.


    • container: Options

      the options container that provides declarations

    • logger: Logger

      logger to be used to report errors

    Returns void

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