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Describes all TypeDoc options. Used internally to provide better types when fetching options. External consumers should likely use TypeDocOptions instead.


  • TypeDocOptionMap



categorizeByGroup: boolean
categoryOrder: string[]
cleanOutputDir: boolean
cname: string
compilerOptions: unknown
customCss: string
darkHighlightTheme: Theme
defaultCategory: string
disableSources: boolean
emit: { both: "both"; docs: "docs"; false: false; none: "none"; true: true }

Type declaration

  • both: "both"
  • docs: "docs"
  • false: false
  • none: "none"
  • true: true
entryPointStrategy: { Expand: "expand"; Packages: "packages"; Resolve: "resolve" }

Type declaration

  • Expand: "expand"

    The default behavior in v0.21 and earlier. Behaves like the resolve behavior, but will recursively expand directories into an entry point for each file within the directory.

  • Packages: "packages"

    Alternative resolution mode useful for monorepos. With this mode, TypeDoc will look for a package.json and tsconfig.json under each provided entry point. The main field of each package will be documented.

  • Resolve: "resolve"

    The default behavior in v0.22+, expects all provided entry points as being part of a single program. Any directories included in the entry point list will result in dir/index.[tj]sx? being used.

entryPoints: string[]
exclude: string[]
excludeExternals: boolean
excludeInternal: boolean
excludeNotDocumented: boolean
excludePrivate: boolean
excludeProtected: boolean
excludeTags: string[]
externalPattern: string[]
gaID: string
gaSite: string
gitRemote: string
gitRevision: string
githubPages: boolean
help: boolean
hideGenerator: boolean
hideLegend: boolean
includeVersion: boolean
includes: string
intentionallyNotExported: string[]
json: string
lightHighlightTheme: Theme
listInvalidSymbolLinks: boolean

use validation.invalidLink

logLevel: typeof LogLevel
logger: unknown
markedOptions: unknown
media: string
name: string
options: string
out: string
plugin: string[]
preserveWatchOutput: boolean
pretty: boolean
readme: string
requiredToBeDocumented: ("Function" | "Project" | "Module" | "Namespace" | "Enum" | "EnumMember" | "Variable" | "Class" | "Interface" | "Constructor" | "Property" | "Method" | "CallSignature" | "IndexSignature" | "ConstructorSignature" | "Parameter" | "TypeLiteral" | "TypeParameter" | "Accessor" | "GetSignature" | "SetSignature" | "ObjectLiteral" | "TypeAlias" | "Event" | "Reference" | "All" | "ClassOrInterface" | "VariableOrProperty" | "FunctionOrMethod" | "ClassMember" | "SomeSignature" | "SomeModule" | "SomeType" | "SomeValue" | "Inheritable")[]
showConfig: boolean
sort: ("source-order" | "alphabetical" | "enum-value-ascending" | "enum-value-descending" | "static-first" | "instance-first" | "visibility" | "required-first" | "kind")[]
theme: string
treatWarningsAsErrors: boolean
tsconfig: string
validation: ValidationOptions
version: boolean
watch: boolean

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