A model that represents a comment.

Instances of this model are created by the CommentPlugin. You can retrieve comments through the DeclarationReflection.comment property.



blockTags: Models.CommentTag[] = []

All associated block level tags.

modifierTags: Set<`@${string}`> = ...

All modifier tags present on the comment, e.g. @alpha, @beta.

The content of the comment which is not associated with a block tag.

label?: string

Label associated with this reflection, if any (https://tsdoc.org/pages/tags/label/)


  • Test whether this comment contains a tag with the given name.


    • tagName: `@${string}`

      The name of the tag to look for.

    Returns boolean

    TRUE when this comment contains a tag with the given name, otherwise FALSE.

  • Helper function to convert an array of comment display parts into markdown suitable for passing into Marked. urlTo will be used to resolve urls to any reflections linked to with @link tags.


    Returns string

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