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Contains interfaces which describe the JSON output. Each interface is related to a specific type of serializer.


Plugins which modify the serialization process can use declaration merging to add custom properties to the exported interfaces. For example, if your custom serializer adds a property to all Reflection objects:

declare module 'typedoc/dist/lib/serialization/schema' {
    export interface AbstractReflection {
        myCustomProp: boolean

If a plugin defines a new Model type, ModelToObject will not pick up the serializer type and the resulting type will not be included in the return type of {@link Serializer.toObject}. To fix this, use declaration merging to augment the [[Serializer]] class.

declare module 'typedoc/dist/lib/serialization/serializer' {
    export interface Serializer {
        toObject(value: CustomModel, obj?: Partial<CustomModel>): CustomOutput

For documentation on the JSON output properties, view the corresponding model.


Type aliases


ModelToObject<T>: T extends infer U[] ? _ModelToObject<U>[] : _ModelToObject<T>

Describes the mapping from Model types to the corresponding JSON output type.

Type parameters

  • T


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