Interface ReferenceType

interface ReferenceType {
    name: string;
    target: number | JSONOutput.ReflectionSymbolId;
    type: "reference";
    externalUrl?: string;
    package?: string;
    preferValues?: boolean;
    qualifiedName?: string;
    refersToTypeParameter?: boolean;
    typeArguments?: JSONOutput.SomeType[];

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name: string

The name of the referenced type.

If the symbol cannot be found because it's not part of the documentation this can be used to represent the type.

type: "reference" = "reference"

The type name identifier.

externalUrl?: string

If this reference type refers to a reflection defined by a project not being rendered, points to the url that this type should be linked to.

package?: string

The package that this type is referencing.

preferValues?: boolean
qualifiedName?: string
refersToTypeParameter?: boolean
typeArguments?: JSONOutput.SomeType[]

The type arguments of this reference.