TypeDoc Example

The TypeDoc Example

Welcome to the TypeDoc example! TypeDoc is a documentation generator for TypeScript.

TypeDoc automatically documents every variable, function, and class that is exported by your project. You can add explanations and examples to your documentation site by annotating your code with doc comments, e.g.

* Calculates the square root of a number.
* @param x the number to calculate the root of.
* @returns the square root if `x` is non-negative or `NaN` if `x` is negative.
export function sqrt(x: number): number {
return Math.sqrt(x);

This project shows off some of TypeDoc's features:

  • Built-in support for various TypeScript language constructs
  • Markdown in doc comments
  • Syntax highligting in code blocks

Index of Examples

Click the "Exports" link in the sidebar to see a complete list of everything in the package.

Here are some examples we wanted to highlight:


  • Markdown showcase: [[markdownShowcase]]
  • Syntax highlighting showcase: [[syntaxHighlightingShowcase]]


  • Simple functions: [[sqrt]] and [[sqrtArrowFunction]]
  • A generic function: [[concat]]
  • Functions that take an options object: [[makeHttpCallA]] and [[makeHttpCallB]]
  • An overloaded function: [[overloadedFunction]]
  • An external function exported under a different name: [[lodashSortBy]]


  • Type aliases: [[SimpleTypeAlias]] and [[ComplexGenericTypeAlias]]
  • Interfaces: [[User]] and [[AdminUser]]


  • A basic class: [[Customer]]
  • A subclass: [[DeliveryCustomer]]
  • A complex class: [[CancellablePromise]]
  • A class that extends a built-in generic type: [[StringArray]]


  • A basic enum: [[SimpleEnum]]
  • Using the @enum tag: [[EnumLikeObject]]


  • [[PI]], [[STRING_CONSTANT]], and [[ObjectConstant]]

React Components

  • Basic React components: [[CardA]] and [[CardB]]
  • A complex React component: [[EasyFormDialog]] and [[EasyFormDialogProps]]

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