Class DeliveryCustomer

A class that extends Customer.

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  • The constructor of the DeliveryCustomer class.


    • id: number

      the customer's database ID

    • name: string

      the customer's name

    • nextOrderNumber: string | number

      the next number to use when this customer places an order

    • subscriptionType: "basic" | "enterprise"

      whether this customer has a basic or enterprise subscription

    Returns DeliveryCustomer


id: number

A public readonly property.

name: string

A public property that can be reassigned.

contactName?: string

An optional protected property.

preferredCourierId?: number

A property defined on the subclass.

subscriptionType: "basic" | "enterprise"

Another property defined on the subclass.


  • get nextOrderNumber(): string
  • A getter that prepends a number sign to the private _nextOrderNumber property.

    Returns string

  • set nextOrderNumber(value): void
  • A setter that takes in either a string or a number and sets the private _nextOrderNumber property.


    • value: string | number

    Returns void