Output Options

These options control TypeDoc's output.


$ typedoc --out <path/to/documentation/>

Specifies the location the html documentation should be written to. The HTML output produced by running TypeDoc on itself can be seen at /api.


$ typedoc --json <path/to/out-file.json>

Specifies the location to output a JSON file containing all of the reflection data. An example of the JSON output from running TypeDoc on itself can be seen at /api/docs.json.


$ typedoc --json out.json --pretty

Tells TypeDoc to pretty-format the JSON output. Defaults to true.


$ typedoc --emit none

Instructs TypeDoc to write compiled output files as tsc does.

Value Behavior
docs Emit documentation, but not JS (default).
both Emit both documentation and JS.
none Emit nothing, just convert and run validation.

Note: If you have your TypeScript configured with declaration: true (through tsconfig.json), the TypeDoc emit both option will also generate type declaration files. This is because TypeDoc falls back to TypeScript to generate the JS, this allows us to set the normal TypeScript options for type declarations and have TypeDoc handle generating the docs, js, and types for us, all at once.


$ typedoc --theme default

Specify the theme name that should be used.


$ typedoc --lightHighlightTheme light-plus

Specify the Shiki theme to be used to highlight code snippets in light mode.


$ typedoc --darkHighlightTheme dark-plus

Specify the Shiki theme to be used to highlight code snippets in dark mode.


$ typedoc --customCss ./theme/style.css

Specifies an extra CSS file that should be copied into the assets directory and referenced by the theme.


Specifies the options that are forwarded to Marked when parsing doc comments. By default TypeDoc overrides the default values used by Marked with the ones shown below:

"markedOptions": {
"mangle": false,
"highlight": "<Shiki based highlighter>",
"renderer": "<Renderer that adds links to headers>"

See the options section on the Marked site for a full list of available options.


$ typedoc --basePath ./ --entryPoints src/index.ts

Specifies the base path to be used when displaying file paths. If not set, TypeDoc will guess by taking the lowest common directory to all source files. In the above example, TypeDoc would display links to index.ts rather than src/index.ts.

Note: This option only affects displayed paths. It does not affect where TypeDoc will create links to.


$ typedoc --cname typedoc.org

Create a CNAME file in the output directory with the specified text.


$ typedoc --sourceLinkExternal

Treat source links as external links that open in a new tab when generating HTML.


$ typedoc --htmlLang es

Sets the lang attribute in TypeDoc's HTML output, defaults to en, resulting in <html lang="en">.


$ typedoc --githubPages false

When enabled, automatically add a .nojekyll file to the output directory to prevent GitHub Pages from processing your documentation site using Jekyll. If you have scoped packages, TypeDoc generates HTML files that start with _ which are ignored by Jekyll. Defaults to true.


$ typedoc --cacheBust

When enabled, TypeDoc will include the generation time in <script> and <link> tags to JS/CSS assets to prevent assets from a previous build of the documentation from being used. This should generally not be necessary with a properly configured web server.


$ typedoc --gaID

Set the Google Analytics tracking ID and activate tracking code.


$ typedoc --hideParameterTypesInTitle false

Hide parameter types the signature "title" for easier scanning. When enabled, parameter types are still visible in the parameters list after the function summary. Defaults to true.


$ typedoc --hideGenerator

Do not print the TypeDoc link at the end of the page. Defaults to false.


$ typedoc --searchInComments

Enables searching comment text in the generated documentation site.

Note: Enabling this option will increase the size of your search index, potentially up to an order of magnitude larger in projects with many long comments.


$ typedoc --cleanOutputDir false

Can be used to prevent TypeDoc from cleaning the output directory specified with --out.

$ typedoc --titleLink "http://example.com"

Sets the link the title in the header points to. Defaults to the documentation homepage.

// typedoc.json
"navigationLinks": {
"Example": "http://example.com"

Defines additional links to be included in the page header.

// typedoc.json
"sidebarLinks": {
"Example": "http://example.com"

Defines additional links to be included in the page sidebar.

// typedoc.json
"navigation": {
"includeCategories": true,
"includeGroups": false,
"includeFolders": true
"categorizeByGroup": false

Determines if groups/categories will be included in the primary navigation pane.

The categorizeByGroup option also affects this behavior. If set (the default), and includeGroups is not set, the value of includeCategories will be effectively ignored since categories will be created only within groups.

Also determines if project "folders" should become nested dropdowns in the navigation pane. This option will only have an effect if your project includes multiple entry points in different folders. navigation.includeFolders defaults to true.

// typedoc.json
"navigationLeaves": ["JSONOutput"]

Specifies namespaces/modules which should not be expandable in the navigation tree. To specify a nested namespace, separate the parent names with . according to the displayed tree, skipping the top level project link. ParentNS.ChildNS


// typedoc.json
"visibilityFilters": {
"protected": false,
"private": false,
"inherited": true,
"external": false,
"@alpha": false,
"@beta": false

Specifies the available filters when viewing a page. The four protected, private, inherited, and external options are all shown by default. Their default value may be set, or they may be omitted from this option to disable that filter. Further, modifier tags may be specified to introduce a custom sort option based on a tag.


// typedoc.json
"searchCategoryBoosts": {
"Common Items": 1.5

Configure the search to increase the relevance of items in a given category.


// typedoc.json
"searchCategoryBoosts": {
"Classes": 1.5

Configure the search to increase the relevance of items in a given group.


// typedoc.json
"sitemapBaseUrl": "https://example.com"

Make typedoc generate a sitemap and configure the base URL used in the sitemap.