Tag Kind
TSDoc Reference

The @inheritDoc tag is used to create a reflection's documentation by copying it from another reflection. The tag has the form {@inheritDoc ref} where ref is a declaration reference.

Copied Elements

The @inheritDoc tag, following the TSDoc specification, will only copy the following parts of a comment:

  • The summary
  • The @remarks block
  • Any @param blocks
  • Any @typeParam Blocks
  • The @returns block


* Some documentation

export class SomeClass {}

/** {@inheritDoc SomeClass} */
export interface SomeUnrelatedClass {}

TSDoc Compatibility

The TSDoc standard states that the @inheritDoc tag is an inline tag. This conflicts with JSDoc's usage, which expects it to be present without wrapping braces. TypeDoc will parse both {@inheritDoc} and @inheritDoc. When present without braces, TypeDoc will inherit comments from the "parent" reflection if possible.

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