Validation Options

Options that control how TypeDoc validates your documentation.



$ typedoc --validation.invalidLink
$ typedoc --validation

typedoc.json (defaults):

"validation": {
"notExported": true,
"invalidLink": true,
"notDocumented": false

Specifies validation steps TypeDoc should perform on your generated documentation.


$ typedoc --treatWarningsAsErrors

Causes TypeDoc to treat any reported warnings as fatal errors that can prevent documentation from being generated.


$ typedoc --treatValidationWarningsAsErrors

Limited version of treatWarningsAsErrors that only applies to warnings emitted during validation of a project. This option cannot be used to turn treatWarningsAsErrors off for validation warnings.


Lists symbols which are intentionally excluded from the documentation output and should not produce warnings. Entries may optionally specify a file name before a colon to only suppress warnings for symbols declared in a specific file.


"intentionallyNotExported": ["InternalClass", "src/other.ts:OtherInternal"]


Set the list of reflection types that must be documented, used by validation.notDocumented

The full list of available values are below, with entries not required by default commented out.


"requiredToBeDocumented": [
// Implicitly set if function/method is set (this means you can't require docs on methods, but not functions)
// This exists because methods/functions can have multiple signatures due to overloads, and TypeDoc puts comment
// data on the signature. This might be improved someday, so you probably shouldn't set this directly.
// "CallSignature",
// Index signature { [k: string]: string } "properties"
// "IndexSignature",
// Equivalent to Constructor due to the same implementation detail as CallSignature
// "ConstructorSignature",
// Used for object literal types. You probably should set TypeAlias instead, which refers to types created with `type X =`.
// This only really exists because of an implementation detail.
// "TypeLiteral",
"Accessor", // shorthand for GetSignature + SetSignature
// "GetSignature",
// "SetSignature",
// TypeDoc creates reference reflections if a symbol is exported from a package with multiple names. Most projects
// won't have any of these, and they just render as a link to the canonical name.
// "Reference",