Tag Kind
TSDoc Reference

The @label tag can be used to give an overloaded signature a name that it can be referenced with via a declaration reference.

The identifier specified by the @label tag should contain only A-Z, 0-9, and _, and should not start with a number. If the identifier does not match this pattern, TypeDoc will be unable to use it when referencing via a declaration reference.


* {@label BASE}

export function round(x: number);
* {@label PRECISION}

export function round(x: number, y: number);
export function round(x: number, y = 0) {
// ...

* A value rounded with {@link round:PRECISION}

export const rounded = round(123.456, 2);

TSDoc Compatibility

While the @label tag is considered a core tag by TSDoc, its usage in the form of declaration references supported by TypeDoc is not permitted. TypeDoc extends the declaration reference grammar to support it, but users should be aware that this is non-standard. See declaration references for additional details.

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