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The context describes the current state the converter is in.


  • Context



converter: Converter

The converter instance that has created the context.

programs: readonly Program[]

All programs being converted.

The project that is currently processed.

scope: Reflection

The scope or parent reflection that is currently processed.


  • get checker(): TypeChecker
  • get program(): Program
  • The program currently being converted. Accessing this property will throw if a source file is not currently being converted.

    Returns Program


  • expectSymbolAtLocation(node: Node): Symbol
  • finalizeDeclarationReflection(reflection: DeclarationReflection, symbol: undefined | Symbol, exportSymbol?: Symbol, commentNode?: Node): void
  • getCompilerOptions(): CompilerOptions
  • getSymbolAtLocation(node: Node): undefined | Symbol
  • getTypeAtLocation(node: Node): undefined | Type
  • Return the type declaration of the given node.


    • node: Node

      The TypeScript node whose type should be resolved.

    Returns undefined | Type

    The type declaration of the given node.

  • registerReflection(reflection: Reflection, symbol: undefined | Symbol): void
  • Register a newly generated reflection. All created reflections should be passed to this method to ensure that the project helper functions work correctly.


    • reflection: Reflection

      The reflection that should be registered.

    • symbol: undefined | Symbol

      The symbol the given reflection was resolved from.

    Returns void

  • resolveAliasedSymbol(symbol: Symbol): Symbol
  • shouldIgnore(symbol: Symbol): boolean
  • trigger(name: string, reflection: Reflection, node?: Node): void
  • Trigger a node reflection event.

    All events are dispatched on the current converter instance.


    • name: string

      The name of the event that should be triggered.

    • reflection: Reflection

      The triggering reflection.

    • Optional node: Node

      The triggering TypeScript node if available.

    Returns void

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