Interface StringDeclarationOption

interface StringDeclarationOption {
    help: string | ((i18n: TranslationProxy) => string);
    name: string;
    configFileOnly?: boolean;
    defaultValue?: string;
    hint?: ParameterHint;
    type?: String | Path;
    validate?: ((value: string, i18n: TranslationProxy) => void);

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help: string | ((i18n: TranslationProxy) => string)

The help text to be displayed to the user when --help is passed.

This may be a string, which will be presented directly, or a function, which will be called with an TranslationProxy so that option help can be translated into the user specified locale.

name: string

The option name.

configFileOnly?: boolean

If set, this option will be omitted from --help, and attempting to specify it on the command line will produce an error.

defaultValue?: string

If not specified defaults to the empty string for both String and Path.

An optional hint for the type of input expected, will be displayed in the help output.

type?: String | Path

Specifies the resolution strategy. If Path is provided, values will be resolved according to their location in a file. If String or no value is provided, values will not be resolved.

validate?: ((value: string, i18n: TranslationProxy) => void)

An optional validation function that validates a potential value of this option. The function must throw an Error if the validation fails and should do nothing otherwise.