Class PageEvent<Model>

An event emitted by the Renderer class before and after the markup of a page is rendered.

Type Parameters

  • out Model = unknown

Hierarchy (view full)



filename: string

The filename the page will be written to.

model: Model

The model that should be rendered on this page.

pageHeadings: {
    link: string;
    text: string;
    classes?: string;
    kind?: ReflectionKind;
    level?: number;
}[] = []

Links to content within this page that should be rendered in the page navigation. This is built when rendering the document content.

Type declaration

  • link: string
  • text: string
  • Optional classes?: string
  • Optional kind?: ReflectionKind
  • Optional level?: number

The project the renderer is currently processing.

url: string

The url this page will be located at.

contents?: string

The final html content of this page.

Should be rendered by layout templates and can be modified by plugins.




BEGIN: "beginPage" = "beginPage"

Triggered before a document will be rendered.

END: "endPage" = "endPage"

Triggered after a document has been rendered, just before it is written to disc.