An event emitted by the Serializer class at the very beginning and ending of the a project serialization process.





output: undefined | JSONOutput.ProjectReflection
outputDirectory?: string

The path of the directory the serialized JSON should be written to.

outputFile?: string

The name of the main JSON file (base + ext)

The project the renderer is currently processing.


  • get isDefaultPrevented(): boolean
  • Has preventDefault been called?

    Returns boolean

  • get isPropagationStopped(): boolean
  • Has stopPropagation been called?

    Returns boolean

  • get name(): string
  • Return the event name.

    Returns string


  • preventDefault(): void
  • Prevent the default action associated with this event from being executed.

    Returns void

  • stopPropagation(): void
  • Stop the propagation of this event. Remaining event handlers will not be executed.

    Returns void

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